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Reload 4 Kids Chewable are formulated specifically to provide essential nutrients to support the overall health and development of children. With a blend of key vitamins and minerals in a tasty, chewable form, they offer a convenient way to help ensure kids get the nutrients they need for optimal growth and health.


Reload 4 Kids Chewable vitamins are dietary supplements specifically formulated to support the health and nutritional needs of children. These chewable vitamins typically contain a blend of essential vitamins and minerals to help support growth, development, and overall well-being in kids.

Key ingredients and Benefits:

  1. Vitamin A supports healthy vision, immune function, and cell growth.
  2. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support the immune system and skin health.
  3. Vitamin D which is essential for bone health and development, and supports calcium absorption.
  4. Vitamin E an antioxidant that helps protects cells from damage and supports immune function.
  5. Vitamin B which supports energy production, brain function, and red blood cell formation.
  6. Iron supports healthy red blood cells and oxygen transport.
  7. Zinc supports immune function and growth.

Dosage: Typically, the recommended dosage is one chewable tablet per day or as directed by a healthcare professional.