Have you ever thought about the connection between you and the food you eat? Do you know you are what you eat? Do you have a best food? And why do you love that “best food”? Is it for the nutrients, vitamins or myths surrounding it? Oh yes! There are myths surrounding some foods, that is a topic for another day. Maybe you are the choosy type when it comes to food. Why are you choosy? Is it because the food does not look good to your eyes, or maybe it has an offensive odour to you or maybe for your religious belief?

Well, the truth is, you are what you eat. But do you know that what you do not eat can also affect you? We will talk about that later.  Now, are you more of a carbohydrate person, or you deal more on fruits and vegetables, maybe foods rich in protein is your main stay, these have a way of impacting on your person.

How do you your food has impacted on your person? Take for example, you have a preference for food rich in carbohydrates you will notice the following; first, you will discover that you do not have control over what you put in your mouth. Whenever you eat you discover you want more. Some people cannot just stop eating bread. While for others they cannot do without rice. And for some solid foods made from cassava are their favourite and they cannot help but eat it time and time again.

The issue here is, these kinds of carbohydrates cause you to eat more, even more. They activate parts of the brain that makes you keep eating. Carbohydrates are composed of different types of sugars that provide a range of sweet sensations. For humans, the sweet sensation triggers food intake, most especially when combined with fat.

You are carbohydrate when under stress you discover that your craving is toward foods high in carbohydrates.  You are what you eat.  When you eat a lot but you are never satisfied, always hungry then you are carbohydrate.

You are carbohydrate when you cannot lose body fat despite working out and cutting calories. Eating refined carbohydrates or foods high in carbohydrates all the time reduces your insulin sensitivity.

If you have any of these you are carbohydrate. You are carbohydrate because you eat carbohydrate. So when your body begins to give in to the excessive consumption of carbohydrate, it is not because carbohydrate in itself is bad, it is because you have made yourself and embodiment of carbohydrate. In essence, your health status and psychological balance is as a result of what you eat and that is who you are.

You are what you eat!

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