There is a different sense of urgency that comes with the last quarter of every year. Everybody wants to humidly meet up with appointments, close up deals, make that sale, get that customer to pay their debts and do that presentation in other to meet up with targets and goals earlier set in the year. The energy is high and the movements are frenetic. Howbeit, can all these factors help us achieve the required amount of steps we need in a day -10,000 steps? Some will say “I can do that in three hours while others will say that’s impossible. Well, the truth it is realizable because people do it (10,000steps) in a day. I do it. You can do it.

Do you know that you may be doing 10,000 steps a day and you may not know? So the question is how do I know how many steps I take in a day?

Have you heard of Omron walking style? The Omron walking style is a pedometer (step counter) that helps you count the number of steps you take in a day.

Omron Walking Style

The Omron walking style is mobile and you can attach it to your waist.

To learn more about the Omron walking style, click the link below


Or call 08061107837/08056766766

Now that you know the Omron walking style, you should be able to answer the question; how many steps did you take today?

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