The Omron M3 and M6 blood pressure devices make checking your blood pressure fun. The M3 and M6 devices are made for you and your spouse or friend. The M3 and M6 devices comes with a two user feature that allows you and your spouse keep a track record of your blood pressure reading.

Here is the fun part. You can have it by your bed side. So when you wake up both of you can do the check together and help each other improve on your lifestyle.

You do not have to be a professional to check yourself. You can do it yourself.

The M3 has the capacity to store 60 readings per user; the M6 has the capacity to store 100 readings per user. You do not have to delete as it automatically updates the readings.

Don’t worry about arm size as the cuff is designed to fit your arm irrespective of the size.

It comes with a 3 years’ warranty.

So make healthy living fun, make it a habit to check your blood pressure level with your spouse.

Call 0805 676 6766 to get yours today.

Let the fun begin.

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