The ill-prominence that meningitis is gaining in our country Nigeria calls for all to be watchful and pay close attention to their health.

Meningitis is an infection of the fluid in the spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain. Meningitis is so deadly to the extent that it mimics symptoms of other diseases and illnesses that it becomes difficult to easily recognize. It is so potent that it can cause death in hours after contact with it, hence the need for this information.

  1. Meningitis exists in multiple forms. There are multiple forms of the disease and it can be caused by bacteria, a virus or even fungi. The bacterial version of meningitis is the most deadly of all forms and according to the Health Research Funding.org, meningitis accounts for the deaths of over 120, 000 people around the world every year.
  2. It is possible for someone to die from meningitis just 24 hours after the initial symptoms of the disease take place.
  3. About 10% of the cases of meningitis prove fatal even when treatment is received immediately.
  4. About 20% of people will receive some form of permanent brain damage or disability as a direct result of the disease.
  5. Only 70 % of people with meningitis recover after encountering the symptoms.
  6. Smoking can increase the risk of meningitis. Meningitis is often spread through personal contact, which is why smoking causes many people to become carriers of the virus or bacteria. Although seasonal factors can also contribute to the ability of people to pick up the disease and spread it, smoking thus become one of the principal ways that people increase their chances of picking meningitis.
  7. Prevention is easy. Preventing this killer disease is easy and one way to do it is to get vaccinated. Other forms of prevention include washing of hands frequently, covering of mouth when sneezing or coughing, exercising regularly and maintaining a stable immune system.

Knowledge is power. And with these facts on meningitis at your disposal you can go about your daily business with no panic as you live a healthy life.

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