As the cost of medical care increases, it has become increasingly important for people to obtain health insurance to maintain access to preventative and emergency health care and afford treatment.

Health Insurance is defined as contract for protection against financial issues resulting from illness or injury. Without health insurance, a person has limited access to physicians and specialists and generally pays more for health care, especially emergency treatment.

The aim of health insurance is for easy access to healthcare for all. Health insurance helps people cover their healthcare costs. Healthcare costs include doctor visits, hospital stays, surgery procedures, tests, home care and other treatments and services.

It provides payment for monetary benefits for covered sickness or injury depending on policy purchased. Below are some of the reasons why you need Health Insurance:


  1. Self-worth: You insure your cars, home and other material items, so why would you decide to put yourself last? Car or home repairs can be very costly, but have you thought about what it would cost to fix YOU if something went wrong?
  2. Preventive care: Those with health insurance are much more likely to use it for receiving annual check-ups and other diagnostic tests that can catch serious medical conditions early when they are still treatable. The latest research shows that people with health insurance are found to be mentally and physically healthier.
  3. Your family is the most important thing to you! Knowing your kids and spouse are covered to see quality doctors should leave your mind at ease.
  4. The right health insurance gives you the choice to use a specialist or certain doctor, rather than a general clinic. If you need to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor), you can do it.

A health insurance policy takes care of burdensome medical costs, so you can solely focus on your health recovery. Health insurance is ‘must-to-buy’ and it is also recommended to buy an individual/family health cover at an early age. Buying a health insurance early helps you to get cover at an affordable cost. You only need to buy a customized best health policy that fulfills you or your family’s health care needs.

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