Most people have a strong love for shoes. They can go to any length to get that shoe that they covet so much. Some don’t even bother that the shoe does not fit their leg yet they still go ahead to buy and “rock” the shoe. Just as a goblin craves for gold so is the desire of many to shoes even when it does not fit.

However, many have paid and some are still paying for the consequence of having to wear a shoe that is tight and has no space for comfort for their foot. Below are five signs that your favourite shoe is killing you:

  • The feeling of pain in a toe, especially when moving it or wearing shoes.
  • A hard thickening of the skin especially on the top or sides of the toes. This is referred to as corn. Callus is a similar sign to corn. Calluses are not harmful but may occasionally lead to infections or ulcerations of the skin.

Corns and Calluses generally form when the skin tries to protect an underlying area from injury, pressure or rubbing. They are not usually painful, but can become sore if they grow.

  • The toe starts to swell, becomes red and you start to feel a burning sensation.
  • The inability to straighten the toe.
  • In severe cases, open sores may develop on the toe.

All these signs are peculiar to a condition of the foot known as Hammer Toe. According to Medical News Today, Hammer Toe occurs from an imbalance in the muscles surrounding the middle joint. These muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together to bend and straighten the toes.

Generally, due to footwear patterns and designs, women are more susceptible to develop hammer toe. It is also believed that the risk of hammer toe also rises with age.

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