Edotide plus products [for breast health, prostate health, and maintenance of healthy glucose (sugar) level] are nutraceuticals and phytoceuticals that contain proprietary blend of plant extracts and formulations designed to promote multiple health benefits.

The extracts and components of edoTIDE plus are derived from leaves of Vernonia amygdalina also commonly known as “bitter leaf”. The extracts and components of edoTIDE plus have been standardized for quality assurance, consistency and potency.

Edotide plus products, not only meet the United States Phamacopoeia (USP) and European Phamacopoeia (EP) microbiological standards, but are also approved and registered by NAFDAC (NAFDAC Reg. No.: A7-0902L).

What Separates Edotide Plus from Thousands of Oher Nutritional Supplements in The Market Today

Unlike traditional nutritional supplements, the health benefits of the extracts and components of edoTIDE plus are established and corroborated by large, compelling, and growing body of independent, basic and clinical studies conducted by investigators associated with leading universities and hospitals across the globe. These findings have been published in peer-reviewed international scientific and medical journals for over 40 years.

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