How to Improve Your Period Experience with the Diva Cup

Diva Cup - Size 0 – barefoot babies

The Diva Cup is a revolutionary alternative to tampons or pads. It is reusable and made from 100% healthcare grade silicone. No chemicals, no plastics, no dyes. Ideal for girls and women of all ages, the Diva Cup offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, it is easy to use, and it is incredibly comfortable. It is more convenient and saves you money.

The good news is, the Diva Cup is now available in Nigeria and you can van get here.

It is great for overnight use, a day at school, work and it is perfect for travel, sports and swimming. It allows you to live and enjoy every moment of your day.

It comes in two models

Model 1: is for women under the age of 30 who have not delivered vaginally or by C-Section and it is also a great option for young girls starting their period.

Model 2: is recommended for women over the age of 30 and over and/or who have delivered vaginally or by C-Section regardless of age.

The Diva Cup must be emptied, washed and reinserted every 10-12 hours. It’s also environmentally-friendly and super convenient for frequent travelers who don’t always have access to tampons or pads right away.

To place your order for the Diva Cup, visit this link

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