Today we celebrate as a nation the power we have to decide what happens in our lives. We celebrate today that as citizens we have a voice. We celebrate today that as individuals we can make input in the governance of the day and that we can aspire to greater heights in this great country.

Today we celebrate democracy, we celebrate the power we have to move this country forward from the low ebbs of political degradation to the echelon of stability and political common sense. We celebrate that our vote counts. We celebrate the fact that those in political pantheon now reverence the power of franchise of the Nigerian electorate.

We wield such power to create fear in those political bigots who once felt they were untouchable. We celebrate the fact that political parties now know that the longevity of their party is determined by the electorate.

However, can we say we wield such power when it comes to our health? Have we not been pressed down, devalued, cut down as a nation when it comes to health issues? Many have been disenfranchised by their poor health condition. We are quick to blame the government for not providing adequate healthcare facilities for us, but little did we know that our nonchalant attitude to our health and our blinding religious dogma have set many on a journey of no return.

We are a country that likes the last-minute fire brigade approach. Many observe some symptoms in their body but they ignore it and allow it to grow till it sends them to the doctor’s abattoir and some to their untimely death.

If indeed we must celebrate democracy, then we must wake up and leverage on the power that we alone can improve our health status. We own our body. And we alone can decide what happens to it. We must put our body in good health condition by controlling our desires, keeping your environment clean and by doing regular medical checkups.

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