Research has repeatedly linked sedentary behavior with increased risk of Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more. In a statement from American Heart Association (AHA), it says that ‘’No matter how much exercise one does, sitting too much is detrimental to health.’’

A study published in American journal of preventive medicine earlier this year estimated that prolong sitting is responsible for 430,000 all caused deaths over 54 countries, and a more recent study claimed that sedentary behavior is a leading risk factor for mortality, secondary for smoking.

Sedentary behaviour is defined as any walking activity that involves sitting or lying down, such as watching TV, or working on the computer.

Deborah Rohm Young, Ph.D., chair of the AHA and colleagues found that spending too much time sitting may raise the risk of impaired insulin sensitivity diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and all cause death.

The research further revealed the risks from sitting too long are not reduced moderate to vigorous physical activity, suggesting that prolonged sitting is harmful to health, regardless of how much one exercises.

Although it has not been stated how long is too long when it comes to sitting, it I s however advisable to reduce the amount of time spent sedentary and increase the amount of time spent active.

Consequently, it is advised that one engages in around 30minutes of moderate to vigorous Physical activity daily, exercising in smaller amounts each day is more beneficial than trying to fit in the same amount of exercise in fewer days.

Sit less, Move More.

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